Sad Traveler

I love to travel but I can't seem to find anyone who wants to travel the world with. My company allows me to travel at inexpensive prices but I can't find anyone who want to just go with me. =(
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I travel all of the time for work. I was in Oslo 2 weeks ago and am now in Montevdieo, Uruguay. Already have flgihts booked over the next 4 months for various trips. But best so far within the last year anyway, was 4 months in Tokyo.

Haha, thanks Henryps. Im actually a girl. =D and I don't care if I am in a relationship with them. I just want a travel buddy. Some that is like minded. Thanks for your service by the way!!!

Well don't i feel stupid! O.o
Hm with all this new info my advice doesn't really help much!
Lets see, well, if your looking for someone to tag along with you on adventures i would first like to say, where have you been all my life?

You're friends must either be married, have 9-5 jobs, or are just plain boring.
No offense intended to your friends...I am sure they are lovely people.

Hehe, none taken. And yes, all married and full time college students and work. Where are all the fun people in this world.

Your telling me, I'm in the navy, so talk about cheap travel fare;p
But i can understand that and my only advice would be to not jump to the first girl who is willing, traveling with a girl is a fairly serious step in a relationship, so make sure you, her, and the relationship are ready for it!
Good luck and happy hunting!