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I am fouty five years old and have been very fortunate in life to have joined the Army and also been able to travel outside of the Army. In my Army days I got to see places like Korea, Japan, Tiawan, China, and Honduras.

In I Honduras I got to see a volcano erupt and did a stint there for six months and seen many other wonderful things while there.

On the way to Korea I had flown into Seatle Washington and seen the city and the beautiful scenery of Mount Saint Helens on the flight over it. I had another layover in Tokyo Japan and had time to sight see there also. I traveled on leave to the other countries listed above and saw many things. I did the stint in Korea for a year and saw many beautiful things while there. On the way back from Korea I had yet another layover in Los Angeles California and had time to sight see there as well.

After my Army days I then got a job surveying cable as a contractor for another firm and made excellent pay and traveled all over the United States. With this excellent pay and being a self employed contractor I took many days off to be able to enjoy my 120k a year. I have been to at least thirty five of the fifty states during this four year stint as a cable surveyor and had many enjoyable experiences and saw may beautiful sights. I also climbed a mountain all by myself with no gear and took photos of my truck down below with a zoom camera that looked as though it were a matcbox car to show my family how high I had climbed.

As a young boy growing up in Michigan my family loved the state as do I. There isnt any corner of this state I have not seen and have seen Castle Rock, Iron Mountain, Tequaminon Falls, Picktuered Rocks, Macinaw Bridge, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and many other beautiful things here. There is not a city in this state I havent visited or any small towns which I have not seen.  One of my favorite things to do in this state is to wander around the shores of lake Michigan and hunt for the beautiful Petosky stones found there, but this is getting harder and harder with all the tourism found there.  I find this endeavor to be very peacful.

For all of this I have been a very fortunate person in life and can say yes I love to travel and if you ask me to go with you somewhere I would never refuse, but ask you where, because I want to see all the things I havent seen yet.  One last thing I can say about travel is I have learned our culture is very different from everywhere else I have been and I thank God I am American.

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I have always wanted to see the world. Unlike you I never got in the Army, Air Force or the marines, I tried them all. As for a job that pays well I never found one I could get into. I wanted to go into law enforcement but being legally blind in one eye I had no chance. I eventually fell into security guard but I was not happy. I never knew why but now I know. I am still not sure what I want to work in but get a real joy from my writing. I can make my own hours with it, do not have a boss to answer to and if I decide to work on a different project for a while there is no one to tell me no.

That is why I went as a sub-contractor to work for the many different cable companies. I no longer do surveying due to having a family and it was too much traveling. You will still have publishers down your neck on your next book if you become published not to mention your editor. LMAO!

I love to travel and always stick to the backroads of america. It is the only way to really see the country and have met many interesting people along the way

Yes I have also meet alot of very interesting and special people. I would lve to be a picker and travel all over meeting many more interesting people and seeing more of this beautiful country!

I was in the army too, 1970-73 and all I saw was Texas and Vietnam, boo hoo