To America!

I am currently fifteen years old. My mother told me that she had a similar desire to mine when she was a teen. So, I have no idea how many people feel as strongly about this as I do. I have always wanted to go to America. I have been to Europe. I have seen Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, etc. I have been to different parts of Asia and I live in Pakistan. I have not although been to the Caribbean Islands, Australia or Canada. I also have a desire to go to the Caribbean Islands but that is a story for another time.
So back to where I was, I do not know if everyone or at least every youth has this burning wish inside them to visit America. The thing is, the other day I was told to write about a place where I would like to go in Language class. I chose New York City as the ideal destination. Though, as I wrote, I found I could not write much. I've always wanted to go there. My parents have been there many times and my older brother has been there once. My sister does not really care.
As I was saying I could not write much. Then I found myself asking why I "had" to go there. If i could not write up to 150 words( by the way, this is Urdu Language class) on New York, why did I feel this passion about it? I could not answer the question. Then I found myself asking what was it that I wanted to see there that was not available anywhere else in the world. I do not mean to hurt or disrespect anyone as I do not mean to disrespect America.
I just could not figure it out. Given, America has incredible fast food restaurants, cinemas, movies,etc but what else. Did I want to go there purely for those reasons. I found out that yes, that was it. America is the most technologically advanced place I know and it is modern, perhaps the most modern globally. I wanted to see how great and how modern America actually is.
I still do but I have realized that my passion for seeing it is not as great now as it was. I also want to see beautiful landscape. I have heard about the outside world but I have never hear about the natural beauty of America. It never seems to appear anywhere. Maybe I just have not looked hard enough. What do you all think? Do you think differently? Please feel free to comment as I will appreciate each and every comment. Thank you.
talhaak talhaak
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013