Charles Dickens once described CANADA as a land of hope and promise.
Today it is more a land of exuberant Cities, breathtaking scenery and  diverse cultures.

Visit CANADA, I have and it is great Country, you will love a visit.
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What were some of your favourite sites Sally? I have yet to travel further than Quebec City in the east and no further than Saskatoon to the West. I have spent time in Northern Ontario - lovely nature but very sparsely populated.

I visited Toronto,Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
I was very impressed with the National Library in Ottawa and also the museum, the scenery was very impressive all over Canada.

Ok now I have to make a point of visiting the UK...

What I found astounding was how the Canadian economy was managed through the debt and credit crisis of the last four and a half years south of our border.
Through the crisis we barely felt it, normally when the US economy gets a cold - we get a terminal disease as a result but not this time. Housing prices remained not only stable but continued to rise, jobs held - the economy was adroitly managed to the benefit of all. Now we pay far higher taxes, fuel costs much more here than south of the border as a result but incomes remained strong and stable and we did not suffer as did our American cousins. Canada remained a very good place to live.

I have been wanting to visit Canada for a long time and need to do so. My Mother was born there and I feel it is my duty to visit the land of my Mother's birth.

Book it and go, you will like Canada.

From what I have heard I would have to agree with you.

Life is to short to miss a travel opportunity.

You are right again and I love to travel so I will start planning now :)

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Dear - where have you visited in Canada. When are you comming back?

I`m thinking of a ski-ing holiday there later this year. Gathering info if you have any recommendations.

I would recommend going to Jasper and skiing at Ski Marmot Basin, terrific scenery good slopes and snow.

Thanks Sally, I`ll look those places up.