My Two Amazing Vacations

My first vacation was to trinidad and tobago which is amazing. The people where friendly and well mannered, there carnival is enjoyable with great costume and painting, i enjoy marching and dancing down the street singing along to the carnival songs and jumping up and down waiving my rag to the socca music, i enjoyed their food and their adventure tours was breath taking their beaches where great. I stayed at the hyaat hotel in port of spain which was just beautiful and clean with respectful employees. Their money is affordable and the shopping their is simple, not fussy and easy to walk around and choose what to buy without rush, their taxi service is fast and convenient. The night walk on the beach was breathtaking, the moon was bright and the reflection on the sea was like a diamond in the sun, the breeze was calm and cool, the palm tree were tall and great coolin spot on a hot day.... My second vacation was to jamaica it was amazing however you have to be wise when spendin there, the beaches are filled with things to enjoy and spots to relax and bars to enjoy a great jamaican drink, the tours are awesome, i went to dunns river falls and i enjoyed it, i climbed the falls, swim in the ocean and ate alot of jamaican food my tummy was full, i went for a walk in the town of montego bay, a very busy town with which you need to walk with care and a good eye cos you could find yourself buyin more that what you had bargain for, i also went for dinner there at pier one wow it was a money well spent and the view was magnificent, i also went to the clubs on the hip ***** which i did enjoy to the fullest, what i enjoyed most was my tours and the treatment of doctors cave hotel and the amount of security there made me feel safe and secure.i totally enjoyed the shopping at the craft market for jamaica craft to take home, i enjoy the cold coconuts and the roots naturally blended drinks and the jerk spicy chicken, pork, and seafood. My last night was spent at the pelican restaurant on the hip ***** in montego bay where i had a lobster dinner which was perfectly cooked and i had a burger there which was amazin it had mozzerella cheese very tasty.
Jamaicanles Jamaicanles
22-25, F
Jan 17, 2013