Chinese Characters

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word "crisis". One brush stroke stands for danger, the other for opportunity.
So be aware of the danger but recognise the opportunity.
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Amazing - has greater and deeper meaning !

Hello , I am Chinese , but i sorry to tell you that i don't understand your words , Is it a fable to tell people to look at the bright side?

Hello, I am in china at the moment. I had a calligraphy lesson... And that is just what they said is all. The last sentence "so be aware of danger but recognise the opportunity" those are just my words not a fable.

Yes , you are right , i finally understand (at the beginning, i can get it from your word). but i suddenly get the meaning. "crisis" translate to Chinese, it is ”危机“, it makes by to characters with opposite meaning . that is it the characteristic of Chinese . Hope you have a good time in China.

Thank you :)