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Montreal 2013

Had a great time with my wife and daughter. This was our Valentine's Long Weekend treat, with goals of great food and wine. Focus was on locations we had not tried before.

- Maestro Traitteur for my best almond croissant. Excellent butter croissant and latte, as well.

- Atwater market for my best Quebec cheese selection at Hamel Cheeses. I loved Bleu Benedictin, with its crumbly, complex cow milk partially creamy textiure, I prefer it over the celebrated but more pungent Bleu d'Elizabeth.

- Le Quartier General for my best BYOB restaurant in the city. Service was attentive, foie gras was the size of a slice of bread, terrific. The duck breast was superb medium rare, the monk fish was fair but a bit fishy.

- Quoi de N'Oeuf for my best breakfast. The home fries was my best in recent memory. The excellent baked beans, the pate, the sausage, the bacon, and terrific crepes.

- Lemeac for my best steak frites. The hangar steak was tender and thick as opposed to tough and thin as others tend to make it. The fries are perfect, thin and awesome.

- O'Thym for my second best BYOB restaurant. Friendly service. Beautiful rack of lamb, great dessert equivalent of an exploded crispy crunch candy bar.

- St. Viateur bagel - my best, better than Fairmount. Chewy, crisp toasted awesomeness. At the Mont Royal location, where we can sit down, and the Pink Panther cartoons still entertained my girl.

- Pizza Napoletana for my best pizza in the city. It matched the flavor and texture of pizza in Naples, Italy. Nuff said.

- Jean Talon Market for my best selection of fresh produce, locally grown shallots and garlic, and quebec maple syrup and apple cider vinegar.

- SAQ Signature store on St Catherine for my best selection of French wines in Canada, I am always blown away by the Burgundy section which rivals their Bordeaux, and that is the way it always should be. Picked up reasonably priced white burgs from an up and coming producer Remi Jobard.
rickleester rickleester 41-45, M Feb 19, 2013

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