Carbon Tax Provides An Ideal Opportunity To Change Transport Behaviour

Following considerable debate, the Australian government introduced a carbon tax, which came in to effect in July 2012. This tax encourages larger group transport than individual transfers to save resources. Transport Network Australia offers an alternative for groups and businesses with nationwide Mini Bus and Coach Charter.

A cost on carbon was introduced on approaching 500 businesses said to be the country’s worst polluters, however the method does not yet include agriculture and fuel used by passenger and light commercial vehicles. This provides a chance for groups and individuals to take advantage of cost effective Coach and Mini Bus Hire throughout Australia.

The carbon tax was part of a wider method designed to address issues of energy efficiency and environmental pollution and despite the controversy over the method it could be argued that benefit will be that businesses and households become more aware of the environment and their energy use and will make greater efforts to reduce their energy consumption.

Simple measures like switching to energy saving light bulbs, not leaving electrical goods like PCs and televisions on standby, not leaving lights on in rooms that are not being and being more thoughtful about when to make use of the automobile can make a significant difference to energy use and therefore to costs. Transport Network Australia has in place various resource saving strategies and aim to be as sustainable as feasible.

Being economical with transport is way of making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. Huge group movements in lieu of individual transport can greatly assist in reducing emissions and also improve group morale for business occasions, where team building may improve worker work ethic.

For companies, thinking about Charter Coaches or Minibuses could be a more cost effective way to help employees to get to and from work and simultaneously give the company a chance to demonstrate its dedication to the environment.

Transporting abroad clients or business partners between meetings, conventions and business exhibitions by using Coach Hire or Minibus Hire for airport pick-ups and transfers to hotels or to the company location is also an option.
Sports fans who regularly travel to follow their favourite teams could also think about pooling their resources and organizing group transport by Minibus Hire, than using their own vehicles.

While it is perhaps soon to evaluate the impact on the economy, household budgets and business costs of the new carbon tax its introduction does provide a chance to look at costs, think about the environment and the pollution caused by huge numbers of vehicles and change travel behaviour. Transport Network Australia encourages the change to group travel with Minibus and Coach Charter throughout Australia.
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Feb 19, 2013