Would Love To Be A Tour Guide...

I have always enjoyed traveling and being in new places. I so wish to travel more and see the entire world. Perhaps get a travel job in the country and visit all different cities and towns.
I have also always wanted to be a tour guide, wanting to share the places I have been to in the east coast. Perhaps open a small business and have people contact me for the best time in the east coast. 
Places I have been to are all special but then its also how we all connect with those places, that makes the whole difference. I might take someone to the town of Princeton, NJ, Lambertville, NJ,  Hopewell, NJ, or New Hope, PA, thinking that they would love this trip. But what if they don't. These towns are all lined up in a row. So I would take people on a guided tour to these towns. But I will have to more home work, and learn more about the history of these towns, fill, and pack more stuff to make it more interesting.
 Same way I cld take people on longer tours of places like DC/Philadelphia/Atlantic city as one huge trip with some beach towns thrown in like the Ocean City, or Annapolis, cape may. 
So Like this I have a more bigger trip which would cover, NY/CT/VT/NH/RI/MASS/Maine. 
Love traveling.
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1 Response Feb 20, 2013

Um, great to feel your passion. and hope you succeed on it .