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The Excitement of a New Place to Visit

we are planning another new years trip to south america.  we usually go to a european city in the summer(so far london,paris,madrid,barceleon,amesterdam,copenhague.athens,prague) and south america at the end of the year.  i can not get enough of traveling .  i am like a junkie now!!really love it.  seeing these marvelous places in person, getting to meet new people, different cultures,etc. there have been frustrating experiences of delayed luggage,almost missing connections,waiting for pick ups at the airport,rudeness in paris(big time)but the big picture out weigns the down side for all the fabulous experiences of travel.

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Rudeness in Paris (big time ), that is kind of an understatement, isnĀ“t it ? LOL!!! <br />
I recently wrote a story about how traveling allows us to learn and appreciate other cultures and ways of thinking and also how it teaches us to be thankful for what we have back home. I love Culture Shock. I think a trip without it is not as fun. <br />
Have fun in South America and keep us posted on your travels.

For sure the excitment of a new place and experience is one of the best aspects of travelling. I would find going to the same place over and over again quite boring.