I'm Aching to Get Out On the Road

Summer is here and I'm getting the urge to wander.
To disappear from the confines of the isolated Far
North of this continent. My passion has always been loooong road trips. The destination is hardly important or completely irrelevant. It's the simple
process of freeing one's soul to the open road...
"looking for adventure or whatever comes our way".
My favorite two road trips have always been the
Alaska Highway and the Trans-Canada Highway,
the latter being more fun due to occasionally
picking up a long distance female hitcher, some of
whom were also looking for some pretty wild adventure. Of course, that has to be of their choosing, as I am dead set against pressuring anyone I give a ride into anything. But just the openness...the freedom from time constraints...I
don't know if I can ever give up that part of me.
Come August, I know it will be time to turn the
ignition on and go....wherever my soul leads.

yukon yukon
46-50, M
3 Responses Jun 25, 2007

Boy, it's been a year and a half since I wrote this piece, and it's still my passion. No longer the hippie gypsy hitchhiker, but my campervan suites me fine nowadays. I'm already dreaming of where my summer wanderings will take me. The only plans I make are for specific National Park campgrounds that are on the 'can't miss' list. I remember one hot spring I stopped off at last year. It was supposedly a private, paid place - but no one was there, so I made it up to the hot spring pool and spent the whole afternoon there looking over a huge lake and the mountains beyond. All to myself. Ultimate splendor...for free! It's things like that which keep me out on the road every summer.

yeah. i feel ya. the freedom of just traveling and taking what may come and having no set time to finish. ah. you meet great people that way. enjoy.

lol, sounds like fun. I've been thinking about going to Yellowstone or Mammoth Caves. It would be a good trip seeing some natural wonders.