I Have Been All Over the World

I have visited at least one city in every country.  I am not even kidding when I say that.  I've been to Nairobi, most of England, most of the western half of Australia, Las Vegas, New York, Dallas... I've been to Montreal, Paris, Himeville, Beijing, Bangkok, Osaka... I've danced in Peru, ate delicious potato salad in Dusseldorf, picked flowers in Florence, and laughed at the Newport locals. 

I have been everywhere there is to go in this world... and I just can't get enough.  Sure it breaks the banks, but God knows I don't think I could live without seeing what I haven't seen.

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this sounds pretty exciting!!

this sounds pretty exciting!!

very nice... around the world and visit all the countries was also my dream when i was young.. i went a lot but not all. not yet Africa.. except South... lucky you.. I think go around the world to see people is the best thing you can do.. i wish i could do ..spending entire my life.. good luck and thanks for the story. :)

It wasn't all at once. :) Whenever I visit my family, I have to go across seas, and my college was in another country. Then I had a job that required travel, on top of just taking cross-country vacations.<br />
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I'm almost 30. I've been travelling all my life.

wow that's great. including north Korea? how long it took?

Well, Iraq is excluded. But yes, I do believe I have been to every country.

how many countries in the world have you visited? All of them ? :)

I actually went to Athens and enjoyed the Acropolis. It was such a fun trip.

jealousy is what i am experiencing. in a bittersweet way though. isn't it so great to know there are other civilizations out there? somewhere the daffodils grow and customs are diverse? ah...fresh air. the food, wine, landscapes, language, people, appearances, smells, experiences. who knew this could be so variable upon the surroudings. glad you're enjoying the world. been to greece yet?