I have visited many countries on 5 (only 2 to go) continents and lived and studied abroad. I have always felt like somewhat of a nomad. I have realized material things are far less important to me than experiencing life and connecting with people. I'm a medical professional and love my work, but I hope to someday work a few months out of the year and indulge my wanderlust for the rest.
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in asia, which country youve been? :)

I knew I had a long lost twin sister somewhere! ;)

Word for word, exactly how I feel about spending time on Earth!

Rock on girl! A decade per continent, and ur job's done in ur 70-ies. :)

I'm pretty jealous. Apart from being lucky, seems like you have a passion for travel, people, cultures and therefore 'willed' to travel and did so. That's awesome. So many of us just plan and plan and never make it so often. More than being a medical professional, you seem to be bitten by the travel bug. That seems to be in your nature and therefore, may I suggest you write about your travel experiences and share with all of us to enlighten many? I'm sure you would love to do that. regards.

Yes I can. Actually thank you for the suggestion :-) I should be sleeping now because I have to return to work in a few hours, but I can't stop playing with this app. I've been reading posts using my laptop for a while now but today is the first day I've posted. I will certainly post some experiences. I love people (generally) and I am fascinated by the experiences of others from the extraordinary to the mundane. Although I must add I hate "reality" television. I love to listen, share, and connect in a genuine way.

Have you ever been in Asia?

Yes I traveled around India for 6 months, then Singapore and Malaysia for a couple weeks. I create itineraries for fun. I hope my next visit will be a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, Tibet. I have other Asian itineraries too :-)

Maybe you can visit Philippines next :)

Have you been to El Nido?

Nope, my aunt was there last week. She had a blast a lot of adventurous activities and sights to see.

i am an india... can you mail me the photos clicked in india? niti288@gmail.com

Actually #2 on my Asia list is El Nido, Palawan! Have you been there?

I would give anything to drink fresh coconut water from the green coconut right now! You can only get it in a package at the supermarket where I live. It just doesn't taste anything like the real thing,

I've seen a show in a local channel that there are different kinds and tastes of coconut. That's pretty amazing :)

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