Ever since coming back form the Galapagos, home seems so boring
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We are headed to the Galapagos in October, are there any recommendations, we are doing one of the small cruise boats, and many of the islands, love snorkeling hiking and just relaxing! Places to see? Places to stay away from? And yes, I can imagine after your trip like that, normality can seem so boring!

Hope you have an amazing time, it's such a unique place! For the cruises take motion sickness tablets because our group had loads of problems with seasickness as the sea there can be really choppy depending on the time of year. Definitely go snorkelling, sea turtles, sea lions, penguins and all kinds of fish swim right next to you as they aren't scared. Darwin's tortoise sanctuary is really nice to look about. Apparently Darwin's volcano is a great trek :) snorkelling was so great across the islands though we spent most of the time doing that :)

Thank you so much daisy! Yes, I've heard that there is an issue with small boats and seas being rough, (what time of the year did you go, we are going at the end of October.) looks like there is a lot of ground and ocean to cover!

No problem!:) ah well I went in July time so hopefully it's better at that time of year! They certainly is hahaha

Thanks July is there winter but on the equator I'm sure it doesn't seem it. It's just that it's the roughest seas! Are any must do in the towns or things of special interest I know all the wildlife is great! What was your best memory?

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