Traveling for me is the best experience. I've been to Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia but I would also like to move to America and Europe countries cause these are the countries which I always dream to go to and meet new people. It's fun and fantastic to meet new people, to go for touring cause you may find your happiness there. When I do travel to places away from my hometown I just want to stay and spend my entire life to places I've never been to. I would also like to go abroad and achieve my goals by working hard and let my parents be really proud! I'm so industrious on doing something important especially the future which is approaching soon cause when you graduate and try to go to college you feel that your whole life has changed and you're gonna live a new life and by this I would like to go to another country and study, meet people and stuffs. I enjoy learning about the ways that other people live and seeing historic sites and beautiful art. I particularly enjoy local festivals and the opportunity to try different foods that I haven't experienced before. There are interesting things to see and do and nice people just about anywhere you might go and it's fun to get out and see new things. Just anywhere and anytime I'm always ready to travel☺️✨
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InMiseryWeSeekBacon oh I would like to come to Australia but I can't. School is starting soon and the summer vacation is ending:'(😓 but thanks anyway for saying this. I've seen Australia in the pictures. It seems everything is fantastic there❤️😭

Come over to Australia, I would happily give you a tour


go,,,,,,,,,go ;)