I'm traveling in China now! I do this every year as I am trying to visit all the different cities and meet different peoples. I'm also following the expanding gay lifestyle here too. I'm not sure where this nonsense of China being repressive towards gays is coming from but every where I have traveled in China I find gay folks abound! Sure there may be discrimination so one must be discrete, but there is not the violence exhibited towards gays as there is in the US my home country.
My theme here in China is to have sex with another guy in every city I visit. So far batting well over 80%! Gay Chinese may not be walking around holding hands an kissing in public but rest assure they are having ample sex! I find gay bars in most of the cities here and that is where gays feel safe to play! If you want to know more just message me!
Maazn Maazn
36-40, M
Aug 30, 2014