I need some advice, I can travel anywhere in the world for school next spring but I'm not sure where to choose I have been thinking about Australia or Europe.. Has anyone visited or know of anyone visiting and how did they like it there?
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Australia is lovely but so is Europe. I might choose Europe because you can be based in 1 country but it is quick and easy to visit so many others.
While Australia is very nice,it is expensive and it is very far from the U.S. And just as far from other countries (mainly Asia) to visit. Remember that it is a country about the size of the U.S. so even travel within may be longer and more costly than you expect.
In Europe, you can get cheap flights or go by rail to many neighboring countries. So my vote is Europe.

Thanks so much! That helped a lot

I'm glad I could be of some help. Ultimately, it's your decision. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy every moment of it!! 😉

I have traveled in Europe and I live in Australia. Where you should go would depend on what you are interested in. My vote would be Europe ..

Europe. Gorgeous continent and with one Schengen visa you can go practically anywhere.

South Korea, Japan, China and Singapore rank top in world education if that's what you're after if not go to Europe to have fun.

I myself in the Netherlands and I have travelled a lot through Europe and there is a lot to discover here. Australia for me is still a dream but the best advice I can give is, both options are chances of a lifetime and you will enjoy it depending on how social and adventures you are. Go with your heart and once there take every oppertunity and don't wait for something to come your way. Good luck :D

Thank you!

I would love to visit Australia... Europe though is fascinating; each country has it's own character and charisma. I loved places such as Holland, Belgium, Germany. Italy and France are beautiful as well.

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Did you visit there?

I live in Europe, Norway... And know a bit about Europe...
Never been to Australia though.

What are some places I should visit if I went to Europe?

Depends what you'd like to see, but Norway have spectacular fjords, Paris is a very nice city and so is Rome, especially if you like history!
Venice is kinda unique, with boats instead of cars...