Eppy And I Are Back Home Again

After Lake Como, pining over George Clooney, Eppy Bluey and the Duchess flew home to Singapore for one night and were off for another adventure to Cebu, Philippines, the next day. 

We were so tired but we were pampered all the way so it wasnt too bad

EppyBluey laid down and rested at the FirstClass Counter flirting with the counter staff until we were ready to board the plane.

It took us four hours to fly to Cebu. Just right to have 40 winks, a read and a few drinks or two LOL.

Cant complain much if we were fed this on board EppyBluey and Duchess love airline food

EppyBluey and Duchess arrived safely in Cebu. We were greeted at the front of the hotel by this pink bus. EppyBluey wanted to kiss its nose. So Duchess took out her camera and made sure that EppyBluey was happy

After 3 nights of non stop eating and drinking in Cebu (stories to follow with wine and food pictures), it was time to fly back to Singapore.

Nothing like being home again after a hectic adventure laying down weary EppyBluey on the coffee table to rest and for Duchess to ponder what to do next with her guests and dinner thereafter.

It didnt take long for Duchess and the Duke to think of what to DRINK with our houseguests who we left behind for 10 days to fend for themselves in our home LOL

Champagne Dom Perignon 1990

Ch Pichon Lalande 1985 (Gorgeous! A great wine in perfect condition)

1980 Dow Vintage Port (Rich ripe fruit and fine brandy character)

Torres 20 year old Spanish Brandy (Excellent)

Armagnac 1953 from Labaude (smooth spirit with mature caramel character)

Ahhhhhh...........................Divine ........but...........we were absolutely SLOSHED! LOL.



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2 Responses Nov 9, 2009

My dearest Duchess,<br />
<br />
I never thought I would say this, but I wish I was a shirt! LOL!<br />
<br />
Just kidding. great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Lovely photos and description of your travels with Eppie Blue" Dutchess! I find the pink bus particularly interesting.<br />
Now if only "Eppie Blue" could talk.<br />
Looks like a wonderful trip Dutchess and if there's any left, may I have a glass of the Pinchon Laland?