Travel Was My Life

my previous life was as a flight attendant for qantas long haul, before you ask, im straight, so i travelled a lot from one 5 star hotel to another, in between i managed the odd drunk or maniac on a number of b747s, not really a challenge, since Australia is situated where we are most stopovers fror us were in asia, i especially loved staying in bangkok , for a number of selfish reasons, loved the pampering, manicures, pedicures, full body massages etc and the cheap clothes , i loved thai food too and the attitude of the thai people. singapore was pretty good , but very big brother, gret eateries though, pretty expensive shopping! i never realy cared for hongkong, it did get worse after the chage over tooi!as for europe, i loved staying in paRIS, rome, amsterdam and of course who could ever tire of staying in london? the states was great, sfo the best, nyc awesome, lax ok if staying at pasadina or redondo, ok after i in nz, loved auckland and christchurch , lots of fun in both cities!but the best these days is home, sydney!

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thanks its certainly given me a global perpective on life? sadly trhe words have had arew major that is its now in the past? i sure get very itchy feewt to again travel, cant affoprd to traipse around the world on my limited retirement fund, although i try to get away every so often , im due foir a trip to bangkok sometime this year, share marketr willing, this month im flying over to perth from sydney to spend my birthday with friends there, thats 4 hours flying. thaqnks for your comments

You are so lucky to have had a life of travel i envy you *hugs*