Travel Bug Keeps Biting Me Non-stop!

Love to travel, really love to travel. Started almost a decade ago when the travel bug first bit me. That was my first really big overseas adventure. I am Canadian and ended up going to China for almost a month. In that time I travelled all over central China. The next year I went to the U.S. and explored the east coast from New York all the way down to Florida. From that point my travel itch just got worse. I now travel two to three times a year for adventure and to experience other ways of life. So far I have been back to China twice, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba twice, Dominican Republic (Left two days before the earthquake in Haiti), Travelled all over Canada, China sea and now London, Paris, Scotland and anything in between.

It took me over thirty years before I was bitten and now I can't stop. Don't make the same mistake I did and wait. Start seeing the world today. It is awsome and you will never regret it. There is so much to see and do and the people you meet have stories that will knock your socks off. So grab your passport, buy a ticket somewhere grab a camera and the person you love and have fun.;)

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Wow, your travel profile is amazing. Great to hear this from a Canadian. I would love to hear about the travel experiences. I have travelled to Vietnam, but never China.<br />
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You are absolutely right, the time to live is now! So many people put off living life when the time should be today. You have inspired me to make it a goal to travel to new and unique places. I recently visited Mexico and it was gorgeous (Cancun).<br />
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I would love to hear stories and pictures of your journey. I write about my travel tours at as well, in addition to Experience Project.