I'm No Anthony Bourdain But I Do Have That Travel Bug.

I am not well travelled like my heros Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, and Rolf Potts but I have that travel itch that will never go away. My dream is to visit London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rome, Tokyo, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and Australia. Even though I haven't been to this places that I selected, you can't blame a girl to dream, watch inspiring films, and watch Travel Channel. I have been to New York City, DC, Florida (Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Tampa), Chicago, and Nigeria. My philosophy is that quality overpowers quantity. When I am travelling I always yearn for that deep connection. Even when I am in the airport or inside an airplane, I have this feeling of emotion and anticipation. I want to be in places that are foreign, unique, and unexpected. 

Emike Emike
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Dear Emike,<br />
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More power to you for your desire and imagination! I love to travel, and have visited Mexico, USA and Vietnam (I am from Canada btw).<br />
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We all love to hear stories from others who have been to places we want to visit. I have many stories about Canada to share. I share these stories at MyLocalTourist.com.<br />
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Your dream is a huge inspiration for others to live their travel dreams. Experience Project has a great travel community.

Thank you for the advice Navybrat. I want to be a flight attendant or work in a cruise ship. I am too scared to be a pilot. They have the opportunity to explore the world.

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