The Good Ol' U.s.a.

I was born and bred in England but I love America.My first holiday over there was to,you've guessed it, Florida. It was a fantastic experience which we made a few times but on the last of those we were sitting waiting for the Parade in Disneyland and got talking to an American lady next to us.She said to us,"People who come here make me laugh.They think they've seen America because they've been to Florida..they've seen nothing"......So we made plans to see some more of the country and travelled through California........God! she was right!!!!!!!!!!!  We try to get there every year now.This year we are going to Yellowstone and travelling around that area,can't wait.:)

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I personally have not been to the US much (I'm from Canada). The nearest place was Seattle and it was very packed. We visited the Farmer's market near the harbour there. It was very busy.<br />
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I would love to learn more about America. Disneyland would be a great attraction, never been.<br />
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Do you have any pictures to share about Florida? I have written lots of stores about Canada on to share my travel experiences with others.

San Francisco ! i loooove San Francisco. I think it must be my favourite city in America. Thanks for your suggestions pamperurft. - Any more ?