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I love to travel. I am in the road trip phase in my life because I can't afford flying all over the place. But I have been to Vegas several times and it is truly an amazing place to be and can't wait to go again. I have been to parts of the east coast and to parts of the south. I am looking forward to graduating, getting a real job and being able to travel more. I have seen a lot of the west, but not as much the northwest. I want to go to Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, back to New York city and Buffalo, back to Boston. I have done things on the literal drop of a hat. I went to West Virgina once, I decided to leave at 1pm that day and left in 20 minutes. I have done massive multi-state trips in only days with friends. If anyone reads this, suggest the best place you have been or want to go.


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I personally love to travel as well. Road trips are fun with a group of buddies. All the scenery that's only available on the road.<br />
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I have been to Mexico and & Vietnam but would love to travel to other destinations such as Europe and South America.<br />
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I would definitely recommend Mexico (Cancun) if you want sun and nice beaches. It is americanized so the atmosphere is familiar. I recommend going to the Coco Bongo while you are there. Very good show and dance club if you are into those.<br />
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Check out if you want to read travel experiences from others. It should supplement Experience Project as well.

I recommend this place so much I sound like a skipping CD, but go to British Columbia. Not just<br />
Vancouver - but all over it. Way up in the northwest corner you'll find Atlin, a Gold Rush era town amid pristine glacier and mountain wilderness. Two hours drive east from Vancouver gets you to the<br />
Osoyoos desert. The only desert in BC. Then there's the Great Bear Rainforest, north of Vancouver<br />
Island, home to the Spirit Bear (a species of black bear that are white). In the winter, great skiing.<br />
In the summer, great nude beaches. I'm going back there next week.....for the skiing, this time.