Astral Projection

I am very open minded. I am a very spiritual person.

Have you ever heard of Astral Projection?

Basically it's where you will your spirit or soul out of your body. It sounds scary. But once you get better at it you can go places. Anywhere. Any time.

It i believed that AP is a skill that everyone is born with. People just have to improve this skill. AP is something I have ready about and researched and would love to do one day. I have tried to project myself, so far I have been unsuccessful.

I would love to talk to someone that has projected themselves or really just anyone in general that would like to chat about AP or OBEs (out of body experiences.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Yeah, basically you're going to need some hallucinogens to get that uh... 'out of body experience' as you put it... there's also a pretty cool band called Astral Projection.