What I Want To Do When I Retire

Well I'm 17 right now, so I have awhile to go until I retire, but I would love to travel the world someday.

Everything about traveling I love. From packing my stuff, going through the airports (I especially love going through the airports, I don't know why, just walking around, looking at everything, getting something to eat, talking with other teenagers), to walking out of the airport, to going to the hotel, to EVERYTHING haha, I just love everything about traveling.

I've been lucky enough to have gone to Europe, Asia, and North America so far in my life. Between these three continents, I've been to 11 or 12 countries..can't exactly remember, but I just love it.

Walking through old villages, going to different souvenir shops, hearing the local language.

Man I can't wait till I retire.

TheAsianSensation TheAsianSensation
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

So cool that you realize this at such a young age, when you can still REALLY influence your future career and life choices.<br />
<br />
Many happy travels!