Self Reflection And Knowledge Through Travelling

Sometimes being in the same place at all times makes life boring and repeatable...with travelling comes the excitement and scares of both leaving the usual things you do daily to doing something totally different...the first time i travelled on my own (without my parents that is) was at the age of 18...IT WAS AWESOME...went to Tonga for a week and I spent every waking moments on this trip doing the things i needed to do and making sure i made the most of it before going back home...i remember sitting and watchin the plane land at the Tongan airport in Nukualofa and crying, wishing I had stayed longer to enjoy my new friends and this new environment I was in...loved the sun, the food, the music, the people and the experience of it all...and in 2008 I travelled to Fiji, and for the same reasons I loved Tonga, I loved Fiji...but more so, Fiji is one place I want to go live and work there before heading home to Samoa...Fiji was cheap, the people I love more, the food, oh the Indian food in Fiji rocked my world...the boys, well what can i say about Fijian boys? They are shy, introverts, total opposite of me but somehow i made friends with quite a few of them...and still keep in contact with them and also went out with one of them...but the girls, oh man they can show an outsider how to have fun on sunny Fiji...had a few bumps on the way tho but I think my fun outweighed all the bumps during my time in Fiji...I've gone to Christchurch, Rotorua twice, Hamilton a few times and once to Windy Wellington and I've realised how much fun it is to travel because coming home I'm always refreshed and get to appreciate family and friends more...the feeling on being in a new environment just makes it more memorable to know that you can go back home and tell people about the places you've been to and give them some places to go to if they ever visit these places...I cant wait to one day be able to afford another trip somewhere...any time soon...the sky's the limit...

22-25, F
Feb 23, 2010