Hate To Leave

When I was a kid, I was hankering for the world beyond the horison.  Traveling seemed to me the most exciting thing one could do. 

Maybe it's this urge that led me to a life with a lot of traveling to most of the places that inspired me as a kid.  The only continent I didn't explore was Oceania. 

Yet, after all these years, I can't say that I'm a traveler in the sense of anywhere, anytime. 

I know I get restless when I'm home after a month or two, but the perspective of a trip doesn't excite me anymore.  Apart from a few spots, I know what will be there. 

And since I mostly travel alone, I always hate to leave.  The day before a departure I'm feeble and a victim of all possible thoughts about the adventure.  But I admit, as soon as I leave I get into high spirits.

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56-60, M
Feb 24, 2010