Travel, It's An Adventure With Abundance Of Freedom And Imagination

The airport always gave me the sense of excitement and adventure, just talking to random people always surprise me. There's always a story for the travel, and people seem to be much more talkative. Or maybe I'm in the best social mood. =P

Travel to a new place, means new possibilities, removing the fear of worst case scenario and other doubts, travelling, makes me down to earth, that I want to connect with the person I talk to and a deeper level of understanding. I no longer have an agenda, no longer am rushing, I'm just there, present at that moment.

I hate to complain but it's really hard for me to do that being happy and adventurous lately, I need to find reasons to love this place! YET!

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

We live in a very confusing world, while we're always told we're not good enough, we should do this or that. We are trading off something very important, our present, our calmness.<br />
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For me, I am the most happy when I live in the moment, even if it means making mistake or making a fool of myself, that also means being emotional.<br />
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In a way, it's like any good feeling we ever have, sooner or later it's gone, then we just have to move on, to whatever we're suppose to work on. Just remember to taste pleasure when it's there.

I like your lines ' I no longer have an agenda, no longer am rushing, I'm just there, present at that moment'...... I feel that we live a very monotonous life, life which is full of unnecessary pressures, you can hardly be yourself and enjoy the present. One is rushing everyday, trying to become someone, trying to achieve something in life.....where is the calmness of old times gone??? Even I hate the admit that I no longer enjoy my trips to any place because I know they will not last forever and we'll be back in our fast lives again... :(