i would love to travel anywhere anytime. i wish i have freedom and money to do it.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I can't Imagine wanting to travel to the US. I'm American and it's boring lol here I'd want to travel somewhere exciting like Bora Bora, Ireland or all over Europe for that matter somewhere thats not here lol but thats just me.

freedom is a problem because my mum is overprotective <br />
the fist place to travel if i have he money is the US, because i'm just curious of what kind of people Americans are and i wanna explore their rich country too.<br />
i agree India is a country full of wonders!

me too , the very first country I will go is India , so mystic there , I went to Turkey once but didn't like it there , it is a normal country with no amazing things.<br />
<br />
we all have the freedom (unless married ,lol) , money is no problem if you focus to get it .<br />
<br />
what will be the first place to travel to if you have money ?