It's All I Talk About But Can Rarely Afford To Do

Everyone knows I love travel. I even left a stressful job last year with that solely in mind. I went off to Spain for 3 months and spend the little life savings I had.
I am now back even more hungry to travel. It is so bad it is like a yearning that never goes away. What is wrong with me! Also being somewhere else for 3 months, and coming back to the UK has been so depressing, as I would much rather be exploring the beautiful world out there.
I am extremely jealous seeing friends continuing to travel, to all the places I am dying to go to. They all seem to do their travelling one after the other, seemingly never having to work or run out of money. My theory is that they have rich parents to pay for it.
As much as I love travel, I now have to try to think more practical basis of getting a new job in my boring hometown. I plan to have more travel experiences as soon as possible.
I also want to live and work in Spain, France and visit South America. There is nothing much I can do apart from develop myself as much as possible here by working and taking language lessons, saving and keeping the end goal in mind.
It sucks not being able to afford to go anywhere.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

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Look into organizations such as Couchsurfers or Servas that can help you cut down on travel costs. If you use a credit card, use one that helps you collect points toward free flights. Consider teaching English overseas. There is a great need for English teachers in several countries overseas. Take the steps toward fulfilling your dreams of travel and you will get there.