I Hate Not Having Real Vactions

I hate not having real vactions,  I mean I get time off, but what fun is it to spend it doing nothing.  Ever since I was lillte I lived going places.  I would love to go to the REAL carnival in Rio,  It valley of the of the kings in Egypt,  I wanna see the City of Lights,  and the land down uder.  I would even like to work my way through some of the list of 1001 places to see in the USA & Canada.  I know everyone usually lives where someone would like to visit, but we never wanna stay in our own backyard.  I would love a couple travel partners, but my friends are not loaded either.  The internet is a exciting and frustrating,  it lets see what you are NOT seeing.  Well,  I think I will start a plan to make day trips and one tank trips.  It may not get me to Big Ben today, but there is always tomorrow and I wanna see this big ole world.

Majique Majique
36-40, F
Mar 1, 2010