My To Do List

just a year ago, i've discovered this ambituous characteristic of mine that surprisingly appeared. then i was devastated when i realized how many years i've wasted on doing nothing.

i should have been a great varsitarian today if i've commited on playing volleyball when i was in grade 4. i have a great height that is so much appropriate in being a volleyball player. now, i want to be sporty, but i dont know where to start. i tried playing basketball, and i enjoyed it so much. still, i dont know how to build my skill for i dont have anyone to teach me and play with. ]

i should have been a talented dancer if i joined the dance group when i was in 5th grade. i should have imporved my skill when i was a kid.  today, i really wanted to join dance groups, but i'm so shy because im not that good.

i should have engaged to music when i was a lot younger. now, i know how  to play the guitar, but my skills could have been better if ive started earlier.

all those regrets marked and now, i am doing my best to try and enhance myself. these just proved that oppurtunities must be grabbed if i get a chance or i'll end up wasted and regretful. now,  i want to be talented. i want to learn new things.  here's some kind of random list of things i want to acheive as early as possible in my life.

now, i want learn how to play drums. or better yet, i want to have my own band.

learn how to skateboard.

experience skydiving.


paintball shooting.

learn how to dive in a diving board 20 feet high.

have braces.

learn how to catwalk on the runway. LOL.

go to paris or anywhere in europe

fly  a plane

design my own clothes

drive a car

own a car

perform a cartwheel

join a dance group

have a martial arts lesson

grow a nail at least two inches long

try a new hairstyle every four months

post a video on youtube with me doing a song cover with my guitar

master gunshooting

get a makeover


and i guess there's more locked up in my mind.  maybe i'll add some more if something enters my mind. some may seem shallow and childish and senseless  but that's what i want and and that's what i crave for. i want to heighten myself more and i dont want to feel left out anymore.

mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
Feb 26, 2010