I Have Inserted Lots Of Different Things Into My Rectum, All For Pleasure!

I think it all started with the reading of an article in Penthouse, graphically describing the step by step process of having anal sex with a woman.  this had me totally intrigued.  I think I was about 12 or 13 at the time.  Then when I got older, maybe late teens, I started to experiment with inserting objects into my but, all for pleasure.  Granted, I was not (nor am I now) gay, but there are several out there that would say that the actions were gay in nature.  In my opinion, if the it feels good, do it!

The first object was a think wooden dowel with a smooth round end.  I would just spit on the end and insert a few times, then take it out, ********** and that was it.

shortly after, I found that the end of a long-neck beer bottle was nice.  It felt good and the large end gave a good handle, for this I would use actual lube when I could find it.  Little did I know that there would come a time where I would insert the large end instead.

In my mid 20's I experimented with larger items, such as small zucchini and cucumbers.  They were all very fun and I loved using them, not to mention, they were disposable and could be purchased with no embarrassment.  I recall one time, I took a large cucumber, and inserted about 6" of it up my ***, then used an old shoe string to tie it into place, sort of creating a cucumber butt plug.  This was my first experience with using a plug insertion for a long period of time. I think I went about 3 hrs that way.  

In my early thirty's I bought my first sex toy.  It was a vibrating, inflatable butt plug.  WOW, what a rush.  I would stick this thing up my ***, pump it up about 20 times, then let it vibrate and I would watch the pre-*** drip out my ****.

In my mid thirty's I was still quite horny and always looking for something different to screw my *** with.  One day, walking through the woods, I came across a rock that looked very interesting.  It was about 8" long by 2" around and it was very smooth.  I took it home, cleaned it up and screwed myself silly with it.  This made me start to think of different things to insert.  One day, while cleaning the house, I came across my old aluminum baseball bat.  Hmmm, I thought.  I could put a condom on it, grease it up and see if it could go in...So, I tried it and was disappointed that I could not get it in.  I kept trying though until one day, maybe a week later, with lots of vaseline, it went in.  I was so freaked out!  Strangely, my **** was not hard.  I screwed myself several times with that thing until I quit, worried I was stretching out my rectum too much.

I stayed away from the insertions for a few years, until I started to read up on *******.  Granted, my interested for ******* is totally heterosexual.  I would fist a woman either vaginally or anally and would love to have a woman fist me.  This being said, I bought a toy on the net call "The Hand" which is a replica of a mans hand, made in silicone.  It was huge and the total length from tip to end was almost the same as my own hand/arm.  Since I was able to handle my baseball bat in the past, I thought the hand would be simple.  Not So!  It took me quite awhile before I could get that up me.  Once in, it was an amazing feeling.  And the weight of the entire thing (hand/arm) was such that it would create various sensations when I would walk around with it hanging out of my butt.  Sadly, I threw this out in the trash when I left my apartment to move in with my girlfriend, but I am thinking of buying another one.

Lastly, the last year I have been playing more with Butt Plugs.  Specifically, the Tantus line of products.  They are great and I really get off on them.

Here is a list of all the crazy things I have shoved up my butt (scary list when you think of it)

-Wooden Dowels

-Beer Bottles

-Wine Bottles

-Water Bottles (plastic)

-Large Rock

-baseball Bat

-Billiard Ball

-Golf Balls (in a condom)

-Butt Plugs

-Artificial Hand

-My own hand, not easy, but once it is pretty cool.  Only with my arms were a bit longer.

I am sure there are more, just not in my head right now.

Javan Javan
41-45, M
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I thought I was the only person with a strange fetish! I love putting things in my *** too! Bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, fingers, butt plugs, kitchen tools.....etc! It's crazy.....but feels so good.

I just had my first deep anal insertion. I used vegi leek, it is elastick but still firm, it was foot long. I inserted that and twisted and voila , staff traveled beyound the bend , deeply to my ***. It was amazing.

Unbelievable what you have inserted. Did you never worry about what damage you may do. How far up did the beer botttles and wine bottles go. Also the hand. I have been fisted in the vagina but cannot imagine that in the anus

I am married and never did anything with a guy. I also like sticking things in my butt. I've taken pics of things I stuck in my butt from deodorant tubes to shampoo bottles & butt plugs and an 8 inch *****.

how about the billiard ball did it come out ok or did you have any trouble I want to sit on one if it go in me ok

Sure, it came out on it\'s own, as have all others. Now that does not mean that I freaked out when one does disappear.

I would worry about retrieval of ball

I use **** rambone dildoe and baseball bat handle in first.I have been inserting things since I was 10 I am 48 now.

Baseball bat how handle how far did that insert

What made you insert from age of ten. I would never have had those thoughts. You must me a horny and advanced little devil. Do you also have vaginal sex

I started when I was a young teenager when I was dicovering my body. I've used all types of things candles, bottles, rubber hoses, pieces of dowel, fingers, etc. But just recently I've dicovered a battery powered manual razor feels magnificent! It's not too thick and vibrates all the right places!

I never had those those thoughts when I was young. Only come to me of later as I cannot have vaginal sex due to prostrate cancer in my husband. Anal does not replace a good ****

Love the story. I've used some of the same ob<x>jects. Biggest was a fat cucumber as big around as my wrist. One you didn't mention is ice cubes... VERY weird sensation. I got 8 shoved in and kept for about 10 minutes. Stay close to toilet though, when you let go it will feel like you're peeing out your *** (actually a very cool feeling). Friend me!!!

This sounds awsome, tell me more

love thing up in there

Love the icecubes. Great sensation for anal or vaginal sex

Try vaginal sex with icecubes - unbelievable

I will have to try the ice cubes....keep hearing about those and corn on the cob.

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BIGBEAR said it best if the shoe fits wear it .be truthful with your self you're at the very least bi. any man that is sexualy aroused by anal insertion is most definently bi or gay.and to answer your question about the lesbian is yes

Well, I will say it again, I am not bi, not bi-curious, and do not seen anything in the male anatomy that is attractive to me. Yes I do love anal insertions (done to me, or done to women). The idea of a man doing anything sexual to or with me is repulsive to me. To say that since I like anal insertions means that I am a bit bi-curious is ludicrous. I like the sensation of it. I like the feeling on the prostate. I like the walls being stretched. Don't get me wrong though. I have nothing against men who are bi. If it's your thing then enjoy! Same with women. But to say that since I like anal insertion, I must be bi-curious, then that would also hold true for women. If a lesbian likes vaginally insertion then she must be hetero-curious right? <br />
<br />
Oh well, enough of this has been said.

well if the shoe fitts wear it( or if you like things in your butt you are for sure at least bi) by the way don't knock it till you try it. you might be surprised how turned on you might get seeing a big **** up your ***!

the only thing that a man could for me would be to **** my ***. Honestly, I would rather have my wife **** my *** with a huge *****. To be bi would have to mean that I would want another man to touch me, and I do not want that at all. At the age of 42, that idea still turns my stomach.

you say you're not gay and i say you're at the very least bi try the actual male organ you will love it

I find that the bat is easy compared to the hand. Still have never done the fist nor the bed knob buddy.<br />
<br />
I did wear the Tex for about 3 hrs the other day though.

i have one arm and used to have a real artificial hand. would stick it in as far as possible. it was great never tried a ba<x>seball bat seems a little to big even for someone who love to ram toys in my ***.

I did almost an hour the other night. The problem is the need to relube, and maintaining a good stretch for a pain free exit.

How long can you keep it screwed ?

About a month ago I bought the Tantus Tex. For those that don't know, it is a huge butt plug. I mean it is huge! It took several attempts before I got it in. Now I can get in much easier, and when really loose and turned on, I can actually screw myself with it. What a rush!

1.5L bottle is the largest I have inserted so far

i have experymented using various creams in my butt, vagisill very good, premarin cream its an estrogen one. ovestin cream- estrogen again. vaselin and ky etc an i enjoy using tampons annaly. plus using a female ***** shaped as a penis this was quite tight and large. Just lately ive read onthe net of people putting there hand up there bottom. This would be a dream for me so ive been trying hard with some success. I have to lube my rectum well and my hand after some tries i can now get my hand up to the knukles inserted. tha feeling is fantastic. I can now insert the dilldo right up aprox 9" probable right inside me but dont want it stuck although it would come out when i go for a poo. I would live a womane to put here hand right inside me, that would be the ultimate. Maybe soon.

eye watering Im gonna have to try some of these myself

An update, <br />
<br />
I have bought another fake hand and a fake fist. I have taken the hand in, but not the fist. I have been able to get my own fist in. I also bought a toy called the Bed Knob Buddy, which is a fleshy replica of a an old fashioned bed knob. It has a huge suction cup base. The diam is about 3.25" I have not been able to get this in. I still try though.


It's funny how innovative make us the need of anal ....