Every Time

Even if I think I'm not in the mood, all I have to do is play with my nipples a bit and viol'a, I'm now in the mood. It's my gift, and my curse. Damn you sensitive nipples! Tweek.
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7 Responses May 13, 2012

love how sensitive mine are too

So True, my nipples have gotten me into so much trouble in the past, sex with old girl friends, get me so horny i'm their slave, be naked for them etc, all because they played with my nips and I cant control myself,

My nipples are so sensitive that whenever I touch them my **** gets rock hard. I've enjoyed this all my life. Add me if you like.

I'm the same. I just love having my nipples touched.

Mine have been that way since i hit puberty. I enjoy it so much it now it almost feels odd not to tweek them when i`m doing something sexual.

my huasband has very sensitive nipples, I love to chew them and bite them.... do you like to have yours chewed or are they too sensitive...

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