The Hamper

I'm probably about 10 yrs. old and my "stuffy" geek uncle is visiting us. This guy was always studying advanced physics and trig and was not known for humor. He was probably in his mid to late 20's at the time. My sister and I are playing "hide and seek" and it is my time to hide while she counts. My uncle is in the living room talking with my Mom not paying any attention to my sister and I and has no idea what is going on. I'm running around the house trying to find a really good ,new place to hide when I realize the hamper in the bathroom is not only a new place but somewhere I know my sister won't find me. In these days, this was the only bathroom at least upstairs. I fit perfectly inside and sinse it was wicker, I had a bonus of being able to see everything in the room somewhat even though nobody would know I was in this hamper. So i'm down inside this hamper peeking out waiting just like a spider::: my sister was wearing a green shirt and by coincidence, so was my uncle. OMG here comes somebody into the bathroom! All I can make out through the tiny holes is the green shirt:::: I SPRING out of the hamper like a jack-in-the-box and yell "Surprise!" and see it is my UNCLE in the middle of taking a ****-
I immediately go back down in the hamper and the lid slams::: he obviously has his back to me and never sees WHO or WHERE the voice comes from:::: I can't see nothing but the back of him in his green shirt and go back into hiding. He zips his fly and starts looking around the room and says " where are you?" for about 30 seconds I'm too embarrassed and too scared to say anything:::he keeps asking::: "where are you? I heard you." Finally I say "I'm in here". He says. "Where?" I say "I'm in the hamper" I will never forget his face as he opened the lid and reached in and lifted me out - his face was as red as a tomatoe. He was completely embarrassed and somewhat in shock as he couldn't figure out WHERE that voice had come from but this was just me being a kid and I just thought it was funny.
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OMG! Puddetat, I remember the Poor ole uncle never did get the humor of it. Was I really wearing a green shirt? I never would have looked in the would prrobably be there yet~ waiting to be discovered. Thanx 4 da laff. mini