In Public

Recently I went out in public with a buttplug in. So dirty! I loved it! It was a really big one, and my *** had to get worked a bit before I could take it. When I got it in it felt so good and so kinky. We were walking to the bar and master made me lift my skirt and move my panties to the side to show him that it was still in while we were out on the street. While we were at the bar I sat on his knee for a bit while he jiggled me around and I could feel the plug bludgeoning my ***. Later in the night when I was a bit drunker he made me go to the washroom and bring back my panties. I was wearing a skirt so with my panties off he reached until the table and fingered me and made me stand up from the seat a bit so he could work the buttplug in and out of me in a crowded bar. I was so scared we would get caught, but we didn't. We left the bar at closing and on the way home found a dark alley. He made me lean up against a wall and took the plug out. He made me take the plug in my mouth like a gag and ****** me hard in the ***. When he came I could feel his *** dripping out of my ***, he took the buttplug from my mouth and made me eat some of the *** before shoving the plug up my ***. Best night I've had in a while!
Str33theart Str33theart 26-30, F 8 Responses May 4, 2011

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OMG so very hot!!!...

I will have a hard time hiding the vibration noise... lol... but it would be kind of hot trying to. What if somebody notices the noise.. lol.... oh my cell phone... (yeah sure...)..... just thinking about it is making me want to have inside me.... is that wrong ? lol....

I'm going to wear mine to work one of these days. I just need work to slow down a bit so if I'm a bit distracted it wont matter.

I talked about this with wife, she absolutely loved the idea.... she is going to wear her balls inside while I wear my did-o..... yes it is going to be a blast....

that though has crossed my mind.. lol.... get a new set of batteries for it, get it in my a-ss and enjoy it all day while doing regular activities at work. Lay back and feel it deep inside, sit on it.... move to the right, move to the left.... bend over.... simple activities (movements) can have extreme effects on that.. lol... I am having a hard on just thinking about it... lol

@Monte98 you really should try it. It's such a turn on being naughty somewhere public. I'm thinking I might wear mine to work one of these days. Probably would make it hard to stay focused though!

I should get me one of those too.. lol

You rock... I would love to carry my vibrating ***** in my *** for a whole night.... feel it all the way deep inside me while I walk, dance..... that has to be priceless...