School Butt Plug

I have got a Doc Johnson 2.5" Diameter butt plug... it feels amazing in my tight *** and i feel so a straight guy and my GF introduced me to anal play last year but anyways here is the story..

It was a monday morning and my GF stayed at mine over night, she dared me to plug myself and go to school with it and if i did she would give me a suprise. So i lubed it up and slid it in and filled myself. We are both in sixth form and it was out first year and we both do computers together well... she dragged me to the back of the class just before the class started.

about half way through the lesson, all of the time i had been semi-hard because of the plug and my GF started rubbing my **** through my trousers sending shocks through my body because we were in school!!!! Anyways she desks are high and its a big class and we were the only ones on the back row.

She unzipped my pants and pulled my **** out and started ******* me slowly and then teasing me by sucking a little when the teacher was not looking. She carried on ******* for around 20 mins really teasing me and making my balls ache sooooo much.

Eventually the teacher let us get on with our work and went to get a coffee and that was it! My gf went down, started sucking hard and quick which sent me over the edge!! I tryed to hold back but i just unloaded into the back of her throat while my *** was pulsating around this butt plug and she carried on sucking and sucking until i nearly was depleated of all bodily fluids... she swallowed every drop of *** and my *** was tingling like crazy and then i zipped up and just sat there in a trance until the end of the lesson... my god...It was the best ****** of my life...

Thanks for letting me share! :D
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damn man, that is pretty hot. you are quite lucky sir. sounds like an amazing girl

Please feel free to comment :D

Please feel free to comment :D