Butt Plug And Panties

The very first time I'd tried a butt plug was when my Gf pulled one out from her draw ( I never knew she had one ) , that day I had gone to work wearing her sexy White cotton panties ( she did not know that I wore her panties , I have been wearing them since I was 15 ) , when I got home I went to take a shower , she was in there doing her make up I'd forgotten I was wearing her panties and ******** off all my clothes as I took off my pants she looked at me and shouted what the **** befor I could say anything she ordered me to the bed room told me to lie on the bed she said if your going to behave like a girl and wear panties then I'll treat u like a girl and **** your ***** ! She then pulled aside her panties that I was still wearing and pushed her butt plug hard to my virgin *** ! It hurt like **** to start with but she took it out and used some ky jelly and continued to pull and push in and out of my *** ( she still calls my ******* my ***** ) , the feeling stopped hurting and to my surprise felt really good and i got a real strong hard on and felt like cuming I think she did not exect me in enjoy the punishment she was giving me for wearing her sexy while panties , she then pushed the butt plug in and pulled she panties back so it covered my *** , then she pulled aside the panties from the front to expose my throbbing **** that was wet a bit from pre *** , she seen this n went straight for my **** and licked the tip sucked it clean , I could tell that she was now turned on and ordered Me to **** her hard ,it felt fantastic ******* her wet ***** with a butt plug in my *** , we both *** at the same time it was the best orgasum I had ever had , now I use one all the time , she even let's me wear panties and has bought me a few of my own , has made our sex life so Much better .
HOTcrumpet HOTcrumpet 26-30, M 6 Responses Sep 21, 2011

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ilove my panties wear them all the tie an my butt plug i get home form work ***** downto my panties an put my butt plug in an d my chores around the house liek that

You're I very lucky man I WISH my wife would except the girl in me like that

So wonderful to **** while wearing a butt plug!!! Great way to ***!!!

nothing like filling a fullness in your "*****" while you are filling another :)

Nice! You're a lucky guy for having a GF who is understanding and actually gets into your panty play. Love those pretty panties!

Brilliant story sweetie

Thanks for sharing