Penis Plugged And Buttplugged Under Chastity Crotch Strap.

Currently I'm under full waistband steel chastity belt buttplugged and penis plugged, preparing to head for the skating rink.

The Steel tube with the integrated 85mm curved urethra plug housed inside sports bag slightly exposed underneath. But for all practical purposes none would notice. The rod that secures the Steel Rattler Butt Plug to the belt's crotch plate makes a slight bulge as it slightly moves in and out under these form fitting bike shorts, but unless one knows what to be looking for, and at the right angle, it's virtually unnoticeable.

Photos in my albums here:

Teasing sensations during daytime are greater from the belt's butt plug, whereas at night only the penis plug is felt as it's steel end-stopper disk is carried along with erectile activity and irregularly scraping along the brushed steel walls inside the penis tube. If that won't arouse, the unexpected brisk pulsating suction as the snugly encased **** expels trapped air bubbles in the tube, will.

What can cause intense arousal is a quick erection. When the penis is flaccid and the urethra rod partially hangs down from the penis penis head. As the penis swells its way down the tube, the protruding steel plug will be first to crash down and instantly scooped up by the penis - being ****** hard deep inside. If the anatomical urethral plug veered while being scooped up, then at one point it will sharply twist in the urethra conforming to the it's shape. A clashing steel curved rod being abruptly shoved and twisted into a confined erect penis is enough to send one to ecstasy. So the trick is not to get aroused quickly. (That is avoid watching fetish-**** or stroking against the belt) Erections are only desirable only when they are slow.

By that time, muscles of the anus involuntary contract on the firmly secured steel rattler butt plug in a failed attempt to suck it in. Since the fixed rattler butt plug can't **** the ***, the contractions of the *** actually cause it to '****' the target -- and off the shells begin to rattle with movement and gently knock against the prostate . The contraptions are so intense, that the entire metal hip band of chastity belt is pleasurably felt being pulled. Obviously a "big-O" locked in chastity is unavoidable.

At night, I'm constantly fighting to ignore sexual tension, to avoid a "big-o".

During daytime, everyday distractions are enough to forget the belt and can go though the day with no issues. After all, both plugs being already anatomical, if the belt is not deliberately provoked it's pretty much very comfortable and easy forget it's presence. Just have to be conscious with certain positions, such as not leaning excessively forward to my lace Dr. Martens boots or inline skates, else either plug (especially the penis plug) will definitely hang me to the edge - or in worst case scenarios, an embarrassment in public. Just have to be careful and conscious at all times.

Especially careful when leaning forward Buttplugged with the Steel Rattler Butt Plug (and penis plugged). Even when done consciously, lean forward to lace my 20-hole docs, will cause the butt plug's metal cylinder to press against the prostate and then, a particularity of the Rattler is that it will gently hammer it with each and every pulling-and-stop motion. That would equate to 80 booty hammerings combined in between with 80 more trusts from the penis plug at the front. Lacing boots or skates can be a fun challenge.

Went shopping, skating, cycling, clubbing and school with it. It was a very enjoyable experience, with sex in public on demand. What better. ... That's my favorite method of being teased while locked in steel. And as my photos show, it conceals perfectly under skintight clothing.
CatsuitChastity CatsuitChastity 36-40, M Feb 29, 2012

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