Butt Plugs & Submission

To establish a lifelong reminder of my enslavement, Mistress Taryn (my owner), keeps me permanently plugged. Mistress ensures that I am unable to remove my butt plug by keeping a locking butt plug harness locked on me 24/7. My butt plug never comes out except for my three short toilet breaks allowed per day. I sleep and go to work plugged and this has been helpful in transitioning into becoming a 24/7 slave.

I LOVE having my *** stuffed with a butt plug. Mistress enjoys how it also humiliates me into being extremely humble and submissive.

Mistress Taryn started me off slowly and built up my plug wearing time everyday and after two months, I was given the harness and have been required to wear my butt plug ever since.

TarynsSlave TarynsSlave 22-25 4 Responses Apr 3, 2009

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Eyebrow raised, "Hmm, interesting." I like your Mistress, she is a lot like me. A good plugging along with a good hairbrush spanking keeps men in line. Your Mistress should also put you in a chastity device for your little penis. There is no reason for you to be allowed to have your **** free to play with since your *** is being stimulated. A good **** cage is a must for all subs in training.

So true. My sissy is in chastity and will stay there for a long, long time. His little penis is my property, not his. In reality, he has no "property", his role is to serve and submit.

I'd like to know the answers too.

That sounds so kinky and hot.

I have questions though?????

1. how long, every day?

2. do you get your plug "dirty" ?

3. are you gaping when you take it out?

4. how big is it?

5. do you get hard with it in?

6. do you have sex with it in?

7. how does it feel?

8. does your come shoot out or dribble out?

Does your mistress milk you when you wear your butt plug ?