I Love Seeing Women Wearing Only Panties

Of course my favorite view of women is completely naked, but seeing a woman dressed only in panties is very erotic. I love seeing photos of women indoors, outdoors, public areas, etc. wearing absolutely nothing except panties. I find it quite exciting and it makes me very horny. I love watching videos of women walking around outside in nothing but panties.
This goes back a long ways with me to when I was a child. Seeing girls wearing only panties outside when it was hot got my interest. Growing up, the first secret viewing for me was ads for girls and women posing in panties. I pretended to be looking at toy ads in catalogs, but viewing panties when no one was watching. It gave me a feeling I never had before. When I was home by myself I would look for panties ads wherever I could without anyone checking up on me.
A fond memory was when I was in the third grade, going to a stream with a friend who was a girl from my neighborhood. It was a remote area and we dared each other to ***** to our underwear and go wading in the stream, which we did. Another time was when I was at her house, we were in her room, and she changed her clothes right in front of me. My eyes must have been like saucers as I viewed her in just her panties.
I even remember what color her panties were : at the stream, white with blue flowers, and in her room, yellow. Once we were in her Grandparents barn, and she climbed the ladder to the hayloft, wearing a dress, and I was given a complete view of her light blue panties. What a show! I have a feeling that she knew I was watching.
Those were the beginnings of my love of women and girls in their panties.
Outdoorsman Outdoorsman
56-60, M
Dec 4, 2012