Always A Long Line At The Ladies

I love standing in line with other girls desperate to pee and chat with them about our situation, or beg the girl in front of me to let me go first, and being denied. I'm usually squirming while in line.

While standing in line, we girls look to the men's room with envy, where they just go in and out without a line. Such freedom. Imagine the relief.

I embrace the female inconvenience. I especially like it when some stalls are out of commission or are too dirty, and therefore reducing the already small number of stalls we can use, making the line even longer. We gasp in disbelief. Even better will be to have a janitor come over and shut and lock the door: "sorry girls, building is now closed." no toilet after having stood in line for so long. 

When on a bus tour, we came to a rest stop after a long traffic hold and all of us were naturally bursting to pee. No line for the men's room, as always. We girls hobbled over to the ladies' room only to discover the horror of an unending long line with all the other women in front of us from the buses that got there earlier. Just when I got very close and could see the door of the toilet (probably 10 more girls in front of me), our bus was leaving and could not wait any longer. I had to hop back on the bus nursing an achingly full bladder. Standing in line for so long only to be denied relief.

It's such a girly thing to do to stand in line and wait for the ladies' restroom. What is the difference between boys and girls? See the following chart.

But I love to wait in a long line for the toilet. What they should do is to close down some women's rooms or even stalls inside, not to build more. Gender inequality is just part of a girl's life. Standing in line together is a bonding experience for girls too. Make the lines longer.

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Absolutely loved the "user instructions" sheet -- he he he

More women should choose nappies, to reduce this problem!

Indeed! Permanently close down the ladies' rooms!

Well, they could just have nappy changing cubicles in them...

Nice story honey, many many times i have been in that situation, and not allways making it, have wet and pooped my pants while standing in line. I agree i do get turned on watching the other girls squirming in agony crossing there legs or even holding there crotch / bum lol, secreatly i really hope they dont make it either and make a puddel on the floor or a big mess in there pants, love the photos do you have any more?

Me too! I love to see other girls doing pee pee dance and wet their tight jeans right there.