Nude Around My Kids

I just don't see the big deal in your kids seeing you naked. Its when they start asking that's the most important. If they see it until then and all of a sudden your hush hush about it, then they will wonder, and it will lead to them asking their friends, boys and girls, and them looking at each other naked, and I for one would rather have my kids see my body, and ask about my body, rather than asking their friends and showing their friends.

I have two young sons and they think nothing of it when i shower or walk around to get my clothes from dryer, etc.. i don't see a big deal. we're family lol. I have no problem whatsoever with my son's seeing me naked, When my youngest tries to touch things, i let him know that that's not ok, and my oldest tells him he shouldn' ..i even take my youngest in the shower with me and i see no problem with them seeing me as i think it's fine to open them up asking me questions and many conversations that i think parents need to have with their kids about their body parts
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Aggree hun, do it too

I agree. I've seen my parents nude. No big deal.

I agree with you. My wife and I were very comfortable being naked around our children. I believe it helped them develop healthy attitudes about their bodies and respect for other people's bodies. It also contributed to healthy discussions about body parts and bodily functions. Keep up the good work.

Good education starts at home :)

How young are your sons? I guess that YOU think THEY think nothing of you when you pass by naked, but you don't know exactly,they are evolving and maybe they don't even realize themselves yet what they think since they are young. Did they had yet an erection seeing you naked around?

No Problems as of now...and if you don't sexualize everything there should not be any problems in the future...

Come on, are you truly a careful reader? A true thoughtful reader doesn't bend others words so that they can fit into his or hers point.

Well done for your openness, there is nothing wrong with parents being nude, it is natural and normal

the one thing i would change about my childhood would be to have missed out on all the repression and shame and awkwardness that blighted my life for forty years and which i am still trying to recover from.

hi,I am a nudist single breastfeeding mom with 6 boys to nearly 12 yrs old..we are nude 24-7 on our own private property...i don't understand what is the bug-a-boo about touching.... we all bathe togather,and in the Celtic way,we bathe each-other,no cloth.Social science speaks of skin to skin touching for affection,and bonding. I ALSO do very extended breastfeeding.BUT I am from Switzerland ,and some countries in Europe are more accepting of the beauty of the body...not ,as the Americas and England holds,,,that the nude body must not ever be seen by a family member ,and such as family massage is verboten...... to many nudity ,or carressing means only sex. To me,it is completly illigocal and very silly ,for family members to hide their bodies from each other...are they still promoting the old concepts ,the old paradigm of the Victorian Age /How sad.. N ow,speaking of negative programing,.what kind of message does this " some body parts are good and acceptable,but,others are really nasty.."..send to our kids.?I t is not the nude body that causes harm,but the dirty,unbalanced,self-centered violent mind that does.

It is only an issue to people who have been indoctrinated to believe seeing body parts is sexual. It isn't. Nudity is normal, it is just the human body. People are so prudish.

I find it okay. My mom has been that kind. My wife agreed to practice such a freedom. It wasn't total nudity at home, but our kids have seen us both in some nudity. My wife said it was easier to talk on sex and puberty to our kids as they were growing.

I think that you are doing something right here. Sex education should begin at home when the kids are young enough to be curious and wanting to learn. Society would be much heather, I think, if sexual issues were not considered taboo, but were simply discussed by responsible people in a "matter of fact" way. These kids have a biologically driven desire to figure it out. It is just going to happen. Why not that we parents give them a quality education?

My daughter saw me nude from a young age and she grew to be a well adjusted adult. There is nothing wrong with them seeing you naked and I agree, its better the see you than have some stranger show them. My daughter asked many questions that I was happy to answer

good father..

I agree with your view on nudity. My mother raised me as a nudist and I have no issues with the female form. As I grew older I had a clearer understanding of both sexes and how to behave. Thank you for your story.

Thank you for your story and I fully agree with you. I am a family nudist and mom of 9; mostly unplanned but oh well. I love being a mom and nudist. I responded to your other story about OMG, I am naked and others too. We all love our bodies here and do not mind showing others, except online with male perverts who use our pictures to jack off and share them on the net.

I love being nude at home and sleeping nude with my kids too. I agree women are mostly so uptight about nudity. For God's sake ladies, it is the 21st century. I love being nude and I am very proud of my body and love to share it with my family. Go nude and enjoy it with family and other friends too.

It is the best way to relax too. irritating clothes to wear!

Amen to that! :D

We are often nude at home too in a nonsexual way too even since our children were babies! They see nudity as normal...which it should be. Nudity and sex are separate issues.

I totally agree with you because I am a nudist wife and mom. I go nude with my children all the time and is not big deal ever here. We have a
very stable and happy home life, nudity is healthy, it is wholesome, we do not practice family sex, and my kids have great self esteem and love their bodies as a nudist and as I do.

April, I commented on your family bed story as well and believe in them for all families for the bonding between mom and her children.


I agree with you. We not only sleep together but shower together. There is nothing wrong with family nudity. I have 5 boys and 4 girls. We a re a nudist family. When giving sex chats I was nude as my kids were.

I was raised in a home where it was very taboo and/or told it was 'bad' when I didn't wear clothes. Even after bathing or before bed, or especially 'in' bed. I know my parents were trying to teach me 'right from wrong' and all, but I was made to feel 'guilty' for being naked or, pray tell, seeing another family member naked.

I'm sure, from reading your stories here, that you are a good mother and have the best intentions for your boys. So, what's the problem with you being nude in front of them and until they are totally grown ever wearing clothes in front of you?

You don't (and I'm sure, won't) flaunt yourself at them and if you did, it wouldn't amount to much, especially at their age. I feel it should be 'normal' for families to share their 'nude' times without shame. We all have bodies and boys always want to know not only what other boys look like but girls especially.

You are young and in good shape so, why not let them see what a 'real' woman looks like without clothes? I think you should do things not associated with nudity without clothes with them too! Cooking. serving breakfast on Saturdays or Sundays? Seeing you ANYTIME after bedtime? (You say in another story that you all sleep naked together?) But, not to any extream...just 'natural' as if it't the most 'normal' thing in your life...they'll hardly notice it and won't have to learn stuff on the 'street' as I had to...then it 'was' dirty.

If they have questions, answer them in 'no uncertain' terms but keep it simple. This isn't about 'sex' per ce. It's about sexuality and growing up healthy and respecting a woman for who she is.

Sorry Aprilm32, i commented on your story before reading your profile. So is there a adult male figure they can relate to nude?

Does your husband get nude around them? Then they would see how the male body looks when older and also see that there is nothing wrong being nude. LIFE IS SHORT--- PLAY NAKED

mmmm do you ever open the front door while you are naked?

I agree, it is much better that your sons see what the female body is like by seeing their mothers body than finding out in the back seat of a car when they get older. This puritan society has lots to learn about how to educate about the birds and bees.

You have a great attitude and think all mothers should have the same attitude

i agree. dont see anything wrong with that. kids need to know the truth about nudity.

Stand your ground. Nudity is natural and questions are too.

<p>I am so glad you are open minded as I am. I love to shower with my boys too even though they are older teens now. We still have a great time showering together. They only problem we have is that our body parts getting in the way at times. When hugging and kissing nude, my sons have huge firm and erect hard ons against my body. I usually spread my legs so I do not fall. However, they rub up against my inner and outer thighs and many times get inserted into me. So we are constantly moving around. I wash my sons and they wash me as well.</p>

I agree with you

We were all borned naked. There is nothing wrong with nudity.

My parents were Irish Catholic and taught me nothing but shame. My son is nine and we've been naked around him his whole life. I broke into my dad's stash of Penthouse magazines when I was eight. When my mother found out, she screamed at me for 18 straight hours. My son sees his mother's **** and ***** and knows what life is about without the drama. We don't **** in front of him, of course. But he knows what love is. Honestly, I think he's got a pretty good deal.

I agree he is going to be raised the way all kids should be as far as i am concerned
I see nothing wrong with my sons seeing me and me seeing them nude..if more parent in the US wasn't so up tight maybe the rape rate would go down...

That's a good point.

Our kids learn how to respond by the way we respond. If we respond like our bodies are disgusting, then they will too. I suppport nude living. So, enjoy.

My mom went nude around sis and I and we joined her. It was a wonderful free feeling and I still love being naked! I would enjoy chatting more. Please add me

I would love to be a big kid in your family.

What a healthy outlook!!

As your boys get older will you teach them by doing with them or telling them about sex? I'm sure at some point they will get a hardon when they see you. Atleast you will know they have the knowledge as to what to do....

Why the prohibition on touching?

Add me? Lets chat about this

Good for you. More honesty and casual nakedness means less taboos and prolems later in life.

I agree I love this story and I would love to hear more from you

Ye, I do same.

I couldn't agree with you more. When kids are brought up seeing that nudity is normal, they will grow up being more comfortable with themselves. Thanks.

its a wonderful way of being nude naturally & this way kids never feel taboo about it.You are a great mom of ur kids.Others should follow you too !

We share a fair amount of clothes-free time lol. Wife and I have 3 boys. We skinny dip and sleep naked. Nudity at other times is not uncommon. Just glad they aren't shy.

That's fantastic that you share such an open relationship with your kids. More parents in my opinion should be more apt at seeing things for what they are. I don't see what the big deal is either, I think it is healthy and as you said better then having them ask questions or showing other kids.<br />
<br />
Anyways, I would love to be your friend, please add me. :)

you have got a very healthy and positive attitude towards nudity, this is good!!!!!!!<br />
me and my sister are so comfortable with nudity, we never felt shamed or anything like it when we are nude infront of family members, my kids and her kids often see us nude cause we live in next door to each other.

mmmm bet you are a real yummy mummy.

It's best that the get their questions answered in a loving and truthful environment. Exposing them at home is perhaps the best for them .I think this happens in most homes!

I have mixed feelings about this. I showered with my Dad, but when I reached a certain age things became much more complicated. Boys (and men) will be boys and stuff can happen. Just sayin' .....

I was in A nudist house whole too and it was very natural for me when. I was little my mother bathed me and I took shower with her and went swimming in back yard naked. It was A way of life for us. April keep up the great job your sons will grow up perfect and no hang ups either.

you can walk around my house naked...i wont beat off to ya...i swear!

I grew up in a clothing op home, with a sister 1 year older than myself. We started from a very young age. During the summer months we rarely wore anything around home, my mom was topless quite alot. Skinny dipping with our parents was normal.<br />
<br />
My two girls grew up the same way, be nude if you want, no pressure either way.<br />
One of my daughters still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her family.

Wish i could see you alking around naked.

Hiya!<br />
It's soooo refreshing that you too have a natural & healthy perspective about nudity and our bodies and bonding with loved ones!<br />
I'm dreaming of the day we can ALL walk in freedom, bliss and love!<br />
xoxo<br />
Write me?<br />

Yes I Totally agree and support U. My wife and I did the same thing with our daughters. However she continued and I began to cloth-up sooner. I never wanted them to start thinking their dad was a pervert. But my wife continued until she was sure they were learning the right way and the safe way to shower etc., <br />
<br />
My daughter still shower wrap themselves in a skimpy towel and walk around the house. However their hubbies don't do it nor do I...and my daughters are in their 30's?

Very healthy attitude. I wish we had done things differently around my house, but the wife was raised very strictly when it came to nudity.

I think it's better to have that "body" talk with your kids before anyone else give them the wrong info.

I think you're on the right path. I wasn't raised that way but I don't disagree with you at all

Totally agree! A very healthy approach to raising your kids. Would love to be added as a friend.

We share your opinion and our kids do not have any problem with nudity at all, at home anyone simply choses to wear clothes or not, what's the problem (in summer we usually don't).

I think that is an excellent approach and that your sons will be better off for it.

I totally agree with your perspective as well. As an absolute gentleman I truly wish you'd add me as a friend as we have mutual interests! Thanks! Dirk

I am in complete agreement with you. Nudity is natural, and children should be brought up thinking that... Thanks.

I am in complete agreement with you. Nudity is natural, and children should be brought up thinking that... Thanks.

Healthy attitude. Brings kids up knowing that respect for both men and women is a good thing, Helps them in the long run. Good for you.