Being Bare

Since I was a kid I have loved to go nude, usually at home, sometimes in places you're not supposed to be. Its difficult when you're with someone who is not open about being nude,I mean, you want to accept people as they are, and never never judge people, so, I've done it on my own at home, thankfully there is lots of time at home, and the kids are awesome about it, have always been. as soon as I get home, everything comes off, and at night,weather permitting, outdoors near the house as well if I am reasonably careful. No need to be too careful!
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I am right there with you!! Since I was a kid of middle teens I have been nude every time I could get the chance. As a teenager it was mostly everytime my parents and brothers would leave the house. After I got married the first time, I would ***** down evertime I got home from work. It is so comfortable to be nude.