To Put It Simply ... Love Being Nude At Home When I Get Chance To Be Alone.

I love being nude at home. We have over an acre of land that backs into a quiet street. Behind the street a larger lot of about 5 acres with only one house on it that is far to the left of ours. Thus it offers lot of privacy. We have huge glass windows at the back and huge windows right by the family room at the back. I use this opportunity very well.  As soon as I get chance I ***** off all clothes. I am fully au naturale at this point !!!.

However, I am very discreet. No ladies or kids ... never do I expose myself to them. But our gardner, ups, Fedex are all game for me. If I happen to see one of these trucks driving up, I open the back door and go out fully nude and have gotten amazing looks from them. I can tell my gardner loves me ... He smiles at me always and has that special smile and talk when I am there.

On sunny days, I watch for my time and go out on the back yard and sun bathe myself. I am sure there have been some aunties, girls and lot more guys that have chanced upon my body ... Yet there have been no complaints ... I take that as compliment !!!

In reality, before reaching this stage, I have done lot of experimenting with lesser and lesser clothes ... to assess and gage people's reaction. None have expressed any kind of negative. Now and only now I am doing this in open. People that see me are the ones that want to see me and I wanted to be seen by them.

What's you take on this story ??? !!!!  ;-) Lemme know.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

as a society, we need to chill out. its a human body. Nothing wrong with being nude. I agree with you as far as respect for others. However if they come to my home its fair they they can expect nudity. If they have an issue, then they should call first.

It sounds like you are very considerate of others. I haven't read any other exhibitionists stories who seemed to care so much about whom they flashed! It sounds like those who have seen you naked, enjoyed it very much!