Naked At Home

 I am doing a distance education program and am home all alone in this house. My dad works in Calgary and I do some work for him, which consists of receiving documents via UPS, Fedex or Purolator and arranging to who to resend them too, which is also done by the same carriers. 

Because I am all alone here, I am buttercup naked most of the time. That first time thrill has never gone away and as soon as I wake up, I go down to the kitchen and make sure nobody came home during the night and when I'm sure I'm alone, I ***** off my pajamas and voila! Naked me! 

Our house is pretty secluded with neighbors on both sides and a neighbor in back. I can easily go down to the mailbox nude and not be seen, although I know that my neighbor watches me every morning and that really turns me on. My only fear is that he tells my dad, but I sort of doubt that. I bet he jerks off after watching me and I make a show of being cautious and a little shy but in reality, I am hotter and wetter than ever before. 

I have answered the door naked for all of the couriers and they love it as much as I do. I always stand there longer than I have to, pretending not to know where to sign the electronic thingie, and if there are envelopes going out, I sashay away to get them knowing that they are drinking in my bare butt walking away.

Anyway thats it for now! 



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You sound like a fun loving girl add me if you'd like

i did it quite often when i was in singapore for the internship....

Glad you are able top live like you want. Wish I was close. My wife and I do some of the same things. Enjoy.

That is so hott !

I love it!!! I have done that a time or two in my younger just does not get the same response as a woman doing it. When I was in my late teens-early 20s I used to go out in the back yard of my parents house when no one was home. We had an inground pool and I would go out there without any clothes on and swim. Of course I would get out and walk to one end of the pool or the other. We lived on the side of a hill in CA. so the homes behind me set above ours. The house behind our next door neighbor had three young girls ranging from two years younger than I to three years older than me. I used to notice them looking at me through their shrubs on several occasions. You are right it is a turn on.

I love it!!! I have done that a time or two in my younger just does not get the same response as a woman doing it.

Luv 2 b delivering .......... French letter full of cream !!! Lol xxx

As a retired delivery man, I have encountered a few naked ladies over the years. Most appeared to be entirely by accident and they were embarrassed and hid behind the door as they took their delivery, but every now and then one would not be bothered by it. I had a weekly delivery to this one house in particular in which the lady answered the door in a towel and as she signed the little device, the towel fell and she said, "Oh, what the heck, you don't mind, do you?" What me mind seeing a nice looking young lady naked? Are you kidding? The next week she peeked out the curtain next to the door and when she saw it was me, answered the door naked as if it was the normal thing to do. It got to be routine over the following months when I delivered to that house, a naked lady would answer the door. The real surprise came when she answered the door naked as usual one day and her husband came up from behind her, kissed her good bye and walked between us on his way out of the house. We exchanged pleasantries and he went on his way. I never got to know that lady, but she was a real treat, kind of like whipped creme on top of an already delicious desert.

God bless you!

i would have to come over to see you if i were close by! you sound fun

Hi Luv2getcaught, I have to say that it's a lovely time for both you and the courier...I like it so much. It's so natural and nice. For me, I have done like you but in a spa steambath...

Nice,<br />
sounds like somthing I'd do, except I wouldn't answer the door nude =P <br />
Good on ya =)

That is exciting, I'm sure,. . . but if you are in a secluded area, and you are showing off, maybe a bit flirty, might be inviting unwanted forceful advances. I think having other nude friends that you know and can be comfortable with is a good way to go. Look for nudist activities in your area.

Enjoyed your story very much! I mainly go naked at home early in the morning when I am the only one up; my wife does not share my passion for nudity and I think she is concerned that the neighbors will see me through our large windows and it will embarrass her; it would not bother me. I would be curious to know if you happen to like rubber boots and if so, whether you have ever ventured outdoors wearing nothing but rubber boots. It's great fun in the rain, naked under an umbrella, splashing through puddles in rubber boots (it has to be a warm weather activity, obviously, and can only be done at night unless you have unusually tolerant neighbors, live in a very secluded place, or are visiting a nudist camp.) Anyway, keep on enjoying your nakedness, it's a wonderful thing!

mmmmmmmmmmmm very nice you go girl

I love your story and I'm sure the guys love it too. <br />
It must make their day. I'm sure your responsible for a lot of jacking off.

man i wish i worked for ups and delivered to your house.


Great to hear your enjoyment from being naked. It really is a turn on and feels wonderful. Love it girl!


Great story, I love doing things like that.


A great story. I know you enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being naked and some on seeing. Just be careful.

Haha we're out here! I'm a bit shy showing off to a first timer tho. If I did let you see me in the altogether and you wanted to gently tweak a nipple I wouldn't scream, but go slow and we'd see where that gets us to!


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