Moonlit Stroll

It was a cool March night in Florida (yes I know for the rest of the nation low 50's at this time of year would be balmy)  I was out camping with friends in a deserted wilderness area.  I couldn't sleep and everyone else snored peacefully in warm slumber.  I could have sat out by a fire, but I'm a child of the Goddess and the pale silvery light of the moon called out to my soul.


I slipped on my sneakers, threw a sarond around my waist, and left my tent and walked out of the quiet camp.

Out of sight of the camp (didn't want to scare anybody!)  off comes the small scrap of cloth that was the sarong and down the trail I went.  My senses were so sharpened, naked in the woods I felt so vulnerable.  every twitch in the leaves registered, I felt the breeze shift to and fro.  I walked a half mile down to a gate that separated the group camping area from the rest of the preserve.  The sarong all this time clutched in my hand like a safety blanket.  I laid it on the gate and headed into the preserve.  


I no longer felt vulnerable, in fact I felt so much power within, the Moon smiled at me from above as she cast shadows of grey across the fields  I passed that night.  

I walked for a couple hours, alone in the night, it was thrilling, it was empowering, it was kind of chilly!  I returned to the gate, retrieved my sarong, tossed it almost negligently over my shoulder.  It was no longer my security blanket, it was now only that scrap of cloth I almost forgot to wrap around myself as I neared the camp.

Soft snores greeted me in camp, and As I slipped back into bed beside her I whispered a thank you to the Goddess for the experience she called me to.

Can't wait to go again!

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Excellent story!!!! I can relate because I feel the same way whenever In out in nature day or night....naked as the day I was born.

Nice story.<br />
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Hi hippyheart!