Not Just Rain...

Summertime: a hot day, a thunderstorm is coming up. The first raindrops, the smell of flowers, fields and streets when the water touches the earth. Walking down a path through fields far away from any civilisation. Some thick drops pitter-patter on my pants and soak through the fabric onto my thighs. More and more... I feel each drop. The warm rain becomes heavier and heavier. My shoulders are wet now, the rain drops down from my hair, my t-shirt becomes transparent and my pants are nearly drenched now. The wetness and the warmth on my skin makes me having to pee. I do not care for it, continue my walk through the fields. Feel the rain drenching my clothes more and more, my thighs, my shoes are really wet now. The rain is heavy now, but still warm. I take place on a field border, stretch out my legs so that the rain now reaches my crotch. My jeans become darker and darker, the water is no longer just soaked by my pants but also runs down on them in little steams. I am totally soaked now and start to continue my walk. And feel how I still have to go but keep it in. Feel the pressure more and more and at the same time become excited. After a short while I do not care any more, enjoy the last rising up of my hardon against my pee pressure and then feel the first drops running into my pants. Slowly first, then more and more. Feel the warmth of my pee running down my legs and my crotch while I still walk. Look down and see the shiny wetness from the inside on my pants more than just caused by the rain... .
No one around, so I touch myself a little while I let go and walk. Just a little but sufficient enough to *** into my pants, while walking. It makes me shiver, so lustful, but I walk further and have my clothes and my shoes washed clean by the still falling rain. No one will know my little secret, which makes it special. Lustful. A special way of enjoying the rain. And a real one!.
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Wonderful story, I'd be right there with you doing the same.

Good Story!