Stellar Rain

It was one of those warm spring nights... It happened to be pretty late that evening. He was walking me home after a great but eventful night... I lived just down the street. It had been an overwhelming two weeks but we were both feeling the same.
He had been an old friend of mine since junior high. We were always friends but in completely different places causing us to drift apart in high school but I always thought of him.
We hadn't seen each other in years. I tried contacting him one time while I was back home visiting. I had heard of where he was working and stopped in but he was out of state at the time.
Missed connection.
I moved back home a few years later and was taking care of my father at the time after a few surgeries he had undergone. I worked during the day and took care of him, my dogs (at the time) and the house. May not sound like much but it was. I never minded of coarse but I just didn't have time to go many places. I had thought of Him a few times, wondering if he was still around. I thought for sure he was married and probably had a family by now.. he was just "that guy" :)
One day... there is a knock at the door. I was resting between dinner and dog walks... My dad came to wake me and said it was someone for me. Not having a clue who it might be, I took my time getting there... and seeing him stopped me dead in my tracks. We looked at each other through my screen door for what felt like an grinning from ear to ear. He was really here. At MY house. He came to me.
It was theeee best feeling hugging him after so long. We sat on my porch for hours, just catching up. Time flew by and before I knew it, he had to go.  it was ok though. I knew. He knew. This was it. He and I. The start of something better than great.
*fast forward two weeks*
We had been talking and hanging out here and there but tonight, he invited me to his place to meet his roommates and have dinner. Was great.  Wine, music, talk, laughter...a little stooping (sitting on his porch looking at the sky and talking) and then him walking me home...
It started sprinkling on the walk. I didn't mind... I really do love the rain.... and he does too. It was warm and misty like. For a minute anyhow.
I noticed our pace slowed as the rain picked up. We the end of the street and I stopped. I lived just diagonal and across the street. I told him I was ok from here and I began to tell him how wonderful my time was with him.
It didn't take me long to realize that THIS was it. THAT moment. Our first kiss. And it was RAINING. and we were standing in it. Soaked. Loving every minute of it.
it was one of those kisses that I will never in my life forget. He cupped my face...... and he just, kissed me. Soft, sweet and long.
It was amazing. I think this was something I had hoped for all my life. Always wanting someone to come sweep me off my feet. I think this was my fairytale moment if there ever was one. I practically flew the rest of the way home.
*I may not have those feelings now...or anyone to kiss me, especially like that.... but I know that I felt it that night. The feeling that everyone wants to experience. I am grateful to know how meaningful a kiss can be when the connection between two people is on fire*
This happened years ago...but the feeling and memory of it never fade.
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2 Responses Nov 22, 2011

That's so cool...makes me remember a date I had, he asked me to dance, I said ok, he led me outside and we could hear the music, it was raining and we danced in the rain....I still smile when I remember that evening when it rains....

Lovely, romantic & sensual story - thanks for sharing! :)