Thorpe Park

i went to thorpe park with my mates yesterday and it was raining hard (secret smile) when we arrived it was raining really hard to we ran to the thorpe park megastore and we all bought ponchos. i was already wearing a umbro rain jacket and over trousers, that under a poncho was amazing! my mates where soaking but i was dry ( i also had my wellies in my bag as a precaution lol ).
when we went on collosus they let me keep my poncho on and it was flapping about ALOT! after lunch we where thinking about going on tidal wave but i insisted i had to by another rain poncho and put my wellies in if i was going to go on tidal wave so all together i was wearing a umbro rainsuit, wellies and two thorpe park ponchos, it was AMAZING!!!!! i wore all of my rainwear for the rest of the day even on the train, i was getting some funny looks but i didnt care. that was the most rainwear ive ever worn in public :-). on my way home i stopped off at poundland to get a raincoat and put that on straight away over the top of my rainsuit and then put my ponchos back on, yet more rainwear. i then went to the park and just walked around for 4 hours untill it stopped raining.
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Jun 29, 2012